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We reached the target point.


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File: 1501159103180.png (21.42 KB, 657x527, IMG_0634.PNG)

3b010bf3 No.119

Herro ferrow chinks.

fc540a16 No.121


828b31d6 No.139

File: 1501185060608.png (98.13 KB, 657x800, 1500541503494.png)


hero fren

10dea5e7 No.140

These Taiwanese guys probably don't even realize you guys are making fun of them.

a50a55ff No.141


Their power level might be either too low or too high to fall for the trolls.

10dea5e7 No.142


They don't even have the concept of "don't feed the trolls", if the other boards are anything to go by.

c9585d73 No.143


I go to a Taiwanese imageboard to get away from cirnos and frogs, and then there's a cirnofrog in the first fucking thread?

80c20555 No.147


What'd ya expect from crossboarders?

You can thank that newfag who keeps making threads on /bant/ advertising /outremer/ every now and then without temperance.

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10dea5e7 No.148

Why tho? This place isn't even worth trolling in the first place. Hell it's not even really an overseas board like it's suppose to be, but more like a Taiwanese-weebs-living-in-Japan board.

80c20555 No.149


For e-penis and lulz maybe.

Last time Krautchan also caught sight of here but they did have a few quality threads (like http://kyonbuster.nagatoyuki.org/vichan/outremer/res/575.html). I wish the /bant/ers could drop their usual boring bullshit and actually discuss meaningfully as well.

b9494041 No.150

File: 1501422596978.jpg (55.68 KB, 356x450, 4386530.jpg)

6be1121e No.194


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